So that people far from God will be made alive in Christ.


12% of every dollar you give through E2 goes to our community.



Outreach is a high value for E2 Church. It's why we believe in tithing the overall income of E2 Church (12%) towards funding our Outreach Partners. We take 12% of every dollar we receive and budget it towards financially supporting incredible organizations, both local and global. 

There are also Outreach Event Opportunities to register for every month. Check out our Outreach Calendar and volunteer today!


#LoveSacramento 2018

3,027.25 Volunteer Hours
$19,688.88 Donated
997 Volunteers Involved

Every year, we take a week to blitz our city with thousands of volunteer hours and donated dollars to love sacramento. This year we saw...

  • 31 Outreach Partners | 16 New Outreach Partners

  • 65 Unique Outreach Events

  • 504 Backpacks donated (Meadowview Birth & Beyond)

  • 600 Hygiene Kits packed

  • 1,732 Individual Diapers donated

  • 5,760 Baby wipes donated (Chicks in Crisis)

  • 20,088 Meals Packed with Rise Against Hunger- Packed feeding 120,528 people

Outreach Partners

12% of every dollar give to e2 church goes directly to support out outreach partners. 

We are constantly serving our community through serving with Outreach Partners and donating funds to further their cause in the city. We believe that our church should always be a resource to those in need. If you are interested in our upcoming events, let us know and we'd love to connect you with our Love Sacramento team. 

Here's a list of our Outreach Partners: 

Loaves & Fishes
Bruceville Terrace
American River Parkway Foundation
Chicks in Crisis
River City Food Bank
Sacramento Food Bank
Ronald McDonald House
Sacramento Tree Foundation
Cards for Hospitalized Kids
Blood Source
Society for the Blind
Meadowview Birth & Beyond Family Resource Center
Soil Born Farms
ReImagine Mack Road Foundation
Windsor Elk Grove Rehabilitation Center
Elk Grove Food Bank
American Cancer Society Discovery Shop
American Heart Association
Snowline Hospice
Habitat for Humanity
Sacramento Children’s Home
Twin Lakes Food Bank
Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance
Next Move
Rise Against Hunger
Elk Grove Methodist Church
ACC Senior Center
Sacramento Adventure Playground
Compassion Village
E2 Church

2017 Outreach Report 

Total Volunteer Hours: 3,240

Total Money Given: $27,850